VUZI July 27 9.10 Check
OMEX July 18 3.18 Check
DGLY July 15 5.95 Check
RSYS June 28 4.63 Check
CPRT June 28 46.98 Check
STRP June 22 30.24 Check
SEDG June 23 20.68 Check
KEM June 21 2.94 Check
SGRY June 15 17.47 Check
MOC June 7 3.08 Check
RLYP June 9 19.98 Check
MITK June 2 9.09 Check
VUZI May 23 5.57 Check
MGT May 17 4.98 Check
CDE May 16 8.66 Check
TRUP May 10 15.17 Check
ADMP May 4 9.31 Check
GPL May 5 2.25 Check
SKY Apr 26 11.37 Check
BPTH Apr 26 2.83 Check
AAU Apr 19 1.35 Check
RELY Apr 13 9.93 Check
HIMX Apr 11 11.50 Check
OMEX Apr 7 8.87 Check
USCR Mar 30 63.67 Check
BRKO Mar 10 3.51 Check
KEYW Mar 3 7.00 Check
EYES Feb 23 6.93 Check
CPXX Feb 29 2.32 Check
TRXC Feb 26 3.62 Check
SLP Feb 22 10.20 Check
VHC Feb 10 7.50 Check
AMDA Feb 3 3.18 Check
ADAT Jan 28 5.0 Check
LPTH Jan 26 3.27 Check
AMSC Jan 20 6.17 Check
WNDW Jan 14 3.45 Check
NG Jan 7 4.33 Check
OLED Dec 12 53.67 Check
NCTY Dec 10 3.85 Check
PAYC Dec 2 44.02 Check
ZAGG Dec 1 10.45 Check
CALL Nov 25 10.23 Check
VLTC Nov 24 8.60 Check
TITN Nov 17 12.40 Check
BMI Nov 3 60.47 Check
HEAR Oct 26 3.45 Check
MNGA Oct 22 1.47 Check
MEET Oct 16 2.40 Check
WIFI Oct 8 8.10 Check
AVXLD Oct 6 5.80 Check
TRCH Sept 24 2.09 Check
CLIR Sept 16 6.79 Check
FENX Sept 10 9.49 Check
FTK Sept 2 20.27 Check
GTT Aug 27 22.40 Check
EFOI Aug 19 17.89 Check
VG Aug 11 6.40 Check
TRUP Aug 10 8.43 Check
TCX Aug 8 26.41 Check
LJPC Jul 13 32.87 Check
KRNT Jul 6 14.72 Check
UEC Jun 18 2.61 Check
EMAN Jun 11 2.90 Check
NWBO Jun 10 10.29 Check
DMRC Jun 3 30.00 Check
PTBI May 28 9.10 Check
ICLD May 29 3.15 Check
HOTR May 19 3.98 Check
CDTI May 15 2.25 Check
GEVO May 13 5.68 Check
QNST May 12 5.52 Check
CLNE May 5 10.10 Check
CHOP Apr 24 3.72 Check
INUV Apr 16 2.92 Check
UNXL Apr 10 7.31 Check
HRTX Apr 4 14.25 Check
MVIS Mar 23 4.02 Check
CRMD Mar 19 8.35 Check
RESN Mar 10 14.47 Check
ANTH Mar 9 6.16 Check
EYES Mar 2 17.66 Check
BLDP Feb 19 2.71 Check
ONDK Feb 11 17.51 Check
JMBA Feb 9 16.50 Check
MIFI Feb 9 5.47 Check
ZIOP Jan 16 8.23 Check
FRPT Dec 11 18.90 Check
RDCM Dec 3 10.36 Check
RCPT Nov 17 106.55 Check
URRE Nov 13 2.49 Check
PHMD Oct 29 4.16 Check
IBIO Oct 23 1.77 Check
VIMC Oct 23 9.64 Check
SZYM Oct 16 6.96 Check
AXDX Oct 14 27.38 Check
GLUU Oct 7 5.12 Check
MILL Sept 19 4.96 Check
DGLY Sept 16 20.65 Check
MNDL Aug 26 5.35 Check
FCEL Aug 20 2.76 Check
SYMX Aug 7 1.20 Check
ADES July 11 22.70 Check
TTGT June 19 8.19 Check
ANY.V May 28 9.42 Check
CYBX Apr 16 62.24 Check
OPTT Apr 4 4.19 Check
MDXG Mar 21 7.01 Check
AMRS Mar 7 4.85 Check
UNIS Feb 27 4.65 Check
PHMD Oct 17 15.49 Check
TXMD Feb 14 6.36 Check
SGMO Sept 19 11.21 Check
ZEN.V Sept 9 3.78 Check
XONE Aug 28 71.90 Check
TEAR Aug 1 14.40 Check
CNDO July 15 8.65 Check
RVLT July 2 4.03 Check
LOTE May 5 10.00 Check
LULU April 18 71.34 Check
PSSI Oct 3 23.00 Check
TNGO Aug 28 19.55 Check
MDVN May 31 $85.01 Check
JIVE May 3 $24.09 Check
SNPK April 3 $1.70 Check
QCOR Jan. 11 $41.54 Check
BRLI Nov. 1 $20.04 Check
PANL Oct. 3 $47.94 Check
GORO Aug. 23 $24.32 Check
MILL July 28 $7.04 Check
CIGX June 30 $4.51 Check
JAMN May 16 $5.17 Check
SWSH May 2 $8.77 Check
LEXG April 26 $4.02 Check
NOG March 21 $28.25 Check
VOG March 21 $5.02 Check
HNHI Feb. 17 $1.46 Check
IBIO Feb. 10 $5.17 Check
COUGF Feb. 1 $3.36 Check
LLEN Jan. 11 $10.27 Check
HHWW Dec. 23 $1.63 Check
CYDE Dec. 2 $3.29 Check
SMED Oct. 14 $5.87 Check
RMCP Sept. 21 $0.69 Check
INET Sept. 13 $10.66 Check
CLKZ Aug. 30 $0.53 Check
LQMT Aug. 19 $0.76 Check
LOCM Aug. 4 $6.12 Check
ESPH June 25 $1.49 Check
APOL June 15 $47.60 Check
BPI June 15 $19.63 Check
SILA May 27 $1.14 Check
FLPC May 27 $0.97 Check
AMEL May 27 $1.05 Check
STP May 17 $10.62 Check
BGBR April 26 $1.21 Check
NNLX April 16 $1.10 Check
CHTL April 9 $0.74 Check
AMLM March 25 $1.02 Check
LTUM March 25 $1.25 Check
TRGL March 11 $9.56 Check
TSHO Feb 24 $1.16 Check
CSKI Feb 19 $18.30 Check
GXDX Feb 15 $31.69 Check
JYHW Jan 19 $1.83 Check
AENY Jan 19 $4.51 Check
CLRH Dec 08 $1.35 Check
NXTH Dec 08 $2.28 Check
IMGG Nov 22 $1.39 Check
MEVT Nov 16 $0.35 Check
AWSL Nov 16 $3.29 Check
FRPT Oct 13 $5.84 Check
AEHI Oct. 4 $0.87 Check
URRE Nov 13 2.49 Check

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Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM): Pumping Up Risk

by Sonya Colberg, Senior Editor, 4/19/2018 7:24:10 AM

TheStreetSweeper issues an alert for investors in Tandem Diabetes Care (TNDM)!

The San-Diego based company has launched five versions of its insulin pump amid $477 million in losses since inception a dozen years ago.

The stock has shot up and is now positioned to plunge as risks escalate, including:

*A raft of $3.50 warrants for over 9 million shares pose significant dilution potential and stand to increase the hefty $337 million market cap.

*The CEO has recently taken advantage of the high stock price and warrant opportunity to sell stock through his trust.

*Tandem is a small, undifferentiated player in a field dominated by Medtronic.

*Heavy weights J&J and Roche have transitioned out of the insulin field, amid heavy competition, making Medtronic their partner-of-choice.

* Tandem is investing in more sales people and commercialization, which will require fresh infusions from more dilutive financing.

*Big banks, retirement funds and other institutions show very minimal interest in the stock .. and positions have plunged by 7.7 million shares.


Odyssey Marine Exploration (OMEX): Drifting To The Bottom Of The Sea

by Sonya Colberg, Senior Editor, 4/17/2018 7:32:25 AM

TheStreetSweeper issues an alert for investors considering Odyssey Marine Exploration (OMEX).

The Tampa, Florida company once lured investors with swashbuckling explorations of gold-laden shipwrecks. But now, as a mundane marine service company, focus has turned to the unapproved plan of dredging seabed phosphate off the coast of Mexico.

Odyssey has already run through $235 million of investors’ money and the investment risks are blowing up:

*The stock has shot up more than 200% since mid-March. This unwarranted, dangerous increase positions the stock to suddenly unwind.

*The company is debt-riddled, cash-poor and rapidly burning existing cash.

*Annual revenue has dropped to the lowest level in over a decade.

*Odyssey just sold more assets. Most of the few remaining assets have been pledged to lenders.

*Odyssey refuses to disclose estimated massive costs of the Don Diego project.

*The biggest short-term harm to current shareholders would be if Odyssey really did get the Don Diego permit. Exploding costs and tremendous dilution would crush shareholders.


JAMN Finally Spills the Beans -- And It's an Ugly Mess

by Janice Shell, 6/2/2011 10:32:51 AM

* Editor's Note: Readers can access links to additional backup documents for this story by clicking here for TheStreetSweeper's original investigative report on this company.

Late Tuesday afternoon, after missing earlier deadlines, Jammin Java (OTC: JAMN.OB) filed a long-awaited annual report packed with enough eye-opening news to keep investors up all night. That mandatory filing, unaccompanied with a cheerful press release heralding its arrival, served as a painful wake-up call to shareholders already burned by a rapid plunge in the company’s stock price.

To be sure, the 10-K offered investors little reason to sing. For starters, the filing reveals, this once-hot “coffee company” sells no coffee of its own at all. JAMN relies on a supplier based in frigid Canada – far away from the tropical Jamaican home of its co-founder Rohan Marley – to provide the company with an actual product to sell to its customers instead.

Back in April of 2010, JAMN inked a “supply and toll agreement” with Canterbury Coffee of British Columbia that gave it access to some brew. According to that agreement, JAMN relies on Canterbury to fulfill every role – save a minor one – normally satisfied by a firm that classifies itself as a coffee company. Canterbury purchases the coffee beans. It roasts them. And it then packages them in bags supplied by JAMN – the company’s only real product – for sale to the public.

JAMN signed this deal more than a year ago, right before Shane Whittle – a notorious Vancouver stock promoter – officially resigned as CEO of the company. But the company never mentioned that agreement, seemingly material enough to warrant at least a quiet 8-K report, in a single regulatory filing until now.   

Jammin Java (JAMN): Hot Stock ... Bitter Aftertaste?

by Janice Shell, 6/2/2011 10:30:25 AM

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee! That’s exactly what Jammin Java (OTC: JAMN.OB), a heavily promotedcoffee company, and – for very different reasons – TheStreetSweeper would like investors to do.

Since the beginning of the year, JAMN has miraculously risen from the ashes of the “Grey Market” graveyard to become one of the liveliest – and richest – stocks in the entire microcap arena. JAMN has seen its stock shoot straight toward heaven, soaring from 55 cents to peak above $6 a share on massive daily volume, with its market value nowtopping $355 million despite the company’s limited resources and operating history. (As covered in more detail below, two of the Internet tout sheets pushing JAMN the hardest effectively vanished -- disabled by their Internet servers -- on the day the stock’s trading volume exploded past 20 million shares.) 

JAMN stands out for its powerful connections, the first loudly celebrated by the company and the second – involving a notorious stock promoter – carefully hidden from view.


CCME: Few Signs of Life at 'Healthy' Chinese Firm

by Roddy Boyd, 3/23/2011 9:30:34 AM

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Type In the full path And name of the file To upload.
Hit the [Browse] button To find the file On your computer.

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