Behind the Scenes at The Street Sweeper

 Sonya Colberg: TheStreetSweeper recently promoted Sonya Colberg to the position of senior editor. About three years ago, she became senior investigative reporter of TheStreetSweeper, and soon led the charge to expose fraud, shenanigans and lousy business practices of public companies across the globe. TheStreetSweeper recruited Sonya after she had worked more than two decades as a reporter and editor for two major newspapers, including the recent Warren Buffett acquisition, Tulsa World. Among others, the Associated Press, Great Plains Journalism Awards, The Gerald Loeb Awards and the Society of Professional Journalists have recognized Sonya’s investigative, feature, health, news and business stories. True to her newspaper background, Sonya enjoys comforting the afflicted and delights in afflicting the comfortable.   
Hunter Adams, a member of the expert advisory board for The Street Sweeper, understands stock manipulation firsthand.  Adams entered the securities industry 15 years ago with a focus on high-risk penny stocks.  He quickly became an expert at establishing shell corporations, executing reverse mergers and selling both equity and convertible debt in speculative small-cap companies.  His career ended in 2001, when government investigators accused him of manipulating worthless penny stocks.  He pled guilty to two conspiracy charges -- for securities fraud and money laundering -- and served time in prison for his crimes.  Years later, he pled guilty to racketeering charges, fully cooperated with the government and accepted full responsibility for his actions.  Today, he has embraced a life of reform and now hopes to help protect the public by exposing others who tread in the same murky waters he once swam in. To contact him directly, please send an email to

Robert J. Hantman, (, media counsel for The Street Sweeper, has made a name for himself representing major clients involved in the entertainment industry. His New York-based law firm, Hantman & Associates, has successfully handled lawsuits or resolved cases involving (among others): the New York Yankees, Steven Seagal, Danny DeVito, Al Pacino, Anna Nicole Smith, Pro Elite, Fabio, Montel Williams, the New York City Business Integrity Commission, and The Los Angeles Times. His firm also won the largest private defamation verdict ever recorded in New Jersey history.